Here we showcase some of our lasters projects and work just as a teaser of what we do and how we actually go about with our ideas.

Please contact us for further information or collaborations.

S C A L P 

We just landed another really creative job for a hair salon in wonderful malmö ...
During the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 

we are Re-designing their logo and the graphic profile, and also looking into the interior design to really create a hype that's of the wall..

Think Punk goes high-end fashion
with an avant-garde touch created of yours truly.

We are in this amazing collaboration bringing onboard one of Swedens absolutely best advertising & Fashion Photographers. 
This to truly be able to make this extraordinary with a wicked twist and a smile.

All this will be revealed in January/ February due to the workload that's ahead of us... 
Time is of the essence and we are doing anything but vanilla in this wonderful design work.

2020 comes rocking like a freight train...<3 


Luxury houses and living

We are right now branding and creating all graphical and logo design  for LAMAI PANORAMA 

A Luxury property and house developing company in Thailand - Koh Samui 

This job landed on our desk due to their need for a high-end creative need to build something sustainable and longlasting when it comes to their graphical demands and design needs.

We are right now in the very and of the graphical manual and design and are setting up their website and social media.

Please visit their website for more info: 


RED SHOE  May 2017

Gay Bar and Restaurant 

An out of the box concept created in Malmö by
Eric Chetwynd Legge

A truly unique concept and interior design.

Designed a logo that was not a name,
but a destination.

A place without a real name, just a Red Shoe,
just to create a new flow of media attention.

I Designed the concept and designed the interior 

with an edge and very unique details and rooms.

A world of extraordinary 

Everything created with love and passion

Please visit website for more info  : 


JOSEPHINE / Ms Prins Bernhard

2017 - Still ongoing

This is our latest project that has been something we started in August 2017

This is a huge project/boat located in the very city harbour in Malmö

Its a grand old vessel that is 75 meters long 4 stories hight and a grand total of 1200 sqm 

During this period we have been working on the following

Concept Development 

Logo and graphics 
Copywrite  / Expressions

Exterior Design

Interior Design

Suppliers and collaborators

Renovation and rebuilding 

Please visit the website for more info :


Andhra Pradesh / Visakhapatnam

We Designed a unique Indian Restuarant in India at a hotel that aimed towards  European and high-class clients. With graphic designs to accompany everything.

The creation became an Indian wedding Bollywood style restaurant with a European cocktail bar 

We went ALL in with the decor and outlay plan

where we had to consider Non-alcoholic section

were they not even could see or be apart of the alcohol section and bar. A challenge that we manage to overcome with flair

We will upload portfolio for this restaurant as soon as they are ready with the building, estimated date: July 2020.

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