Creative director - Designer and Concept developer

An end-to-end creative, with 35 years’ experience in bringing insight,
ideas and execution expertise to concepts, stories and brands.

Creative communication is at the heart of what I do.
I create strategy, ideas and design that connects with consumers and inspires them into action. I’ve worked with some of the best agencies worldwide and the world’s biggest household names to create exciting campaign concepts, develop brands from scratch and design beautiful digital and print assets that bring it all to life.

Divergent is the best way of explaining my work

I take things over the top and beyond. 
that's how my mind works and how my heartbeats.

// Eric Robin Chetwynd Legge



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Biography : 
Eric Robin Chetwynd Legge

Swedish / English

Based in Sweden.

He grew up in a family of creative artists, from the art industry and the fashion Industry

This led him to his path within the industry and his divergent way of working.
There has never been a simple way to explain his work or the way he handles himself to create what he does... Extraordinary and over the top is the best way to explain his way.

No rules, no obstacles. 

His Family always pushed him to be the best version of himself

without regrets or obstacles...
And helped him at a young age to just do whatever he wanted to do. 

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